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March 21, 2003  /  ABC Action News

Bucs' Quarles joins charity to help kids of deployed reservists
an ABC Action News report 3/21/03

TAMPA - One of the Super Bowl champion Bucs wants to help families of reservists who have been called to duty.

Super Bowl defender Shelton Quarles offered on Friday to help the children of reservists who have been called to full-time duty. He decided to join forces with Operation Brave Kids.

"We looked over the information that they gave us and we thought it would be a worthwhile program to take a look at to see if it was what we wanted to get involved with," he said.

Citizen soldiers called to war often sacrifice their paychecks. Reserve pay rarely compares to civilian salaries, leaving families to struggle financially.

Each month, Operation Brave Kids sends $25 gift certificates from certain stores to reservist families with children.

"We go in and get similar to a gift certificate to send back to the families so that we can help them with either food or clothing," explained Doug McNamee of Operation Brave Kids.

"My wife raised my awareness to it. She wanted to get involved with families of people who were serving in the armed services for our country, fighting for our freedom," Quarles continued. "I'm definitely going to get involved. It's a worthwhile organization."

If you would like to follow Shelton Quarles' lead and donate to the cause, or if you are a member of a reservist family and would like to sign up for Operation Brave Kids, visit their Web site at

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