July 2011
OPERATION BRAVE KIDS announces JOB WELL DONE to all contributors.

Following 911, OBK rallied hundreds of patriotic men, women and children to assist the families of sudden deployments of South Florida National Guard and Reserve troops. By anyone’s judgment, OBK was the first to recognize this need and responded with over $500,000 being disbursed in monthly gift cards to each child of a deployed citizen soldier.

As the months and years wore on, some families endured second tours and others had specific financial needs that were met by OBK contributors.

With fewer call-ups, OBK is shifting its remaining funds to help injured soldiers with their families needs.

As can be seen at the Mom’s say thanks page, we made a huge difference and every person involved should take solemn pride in their acts of kindness towards these families.

John and Dorothy Ghee


The veterans, citizens and businesses of South Florida (Monroe, Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties) are grateful for the sacrifice our National Guardsmen and Reservists’ families are making on behalf of America.

In appreciation, Operation Brave Kids was founded in January 2003 as a Florida non-profit organization by John Ghee, a Lighthouse Point/Port St. Lucie accountant/business appraiser.

We have taken 250,000 National Guard and Reserve troops from their civilian jobs and sent them to war…but we have forgotten something…the thousands of children who are suddenly missing a parent. We have helped over 1,500 effected kids in South Florida and will continue until our local troops return home.

Pictured above is SSG John Adams (FL National Guard) and his mother and wife, Summer Adams, receiving his Purple Heart from President Bush. We continue to support the Adams family with your help. Summer sends her thanks at "Moms Say Thanks."

Unlike active duty military children, these kids are not used to a parent leaving on short notice. Making matters worse, the support system of a military base is non-existent for their caregiver.

Operation Brave Kids began as a means to provide children of a "called up" soldier with a $25 gift certificate for every month their Mom or Dad is off defending our country and us. These gifts may be used to purchase toys, clothes or, in many cases, food by their caregiver. The sad truth is that most of these families are not able to cope with the gap between civilian pay (and expenses) to a lesser military pay.



Operation Brave Kids has also opened a box of needs that is growing daily. Unable to meet monthly expenses, assets are sold, relatives are making gifts and loans and many moms are getting second jobs. One mother wrote, "I can’t tell you how much we appreciate the extra money to buy diapers for our infant, or just a few things for the household."

But perhaps the most telling event came when a young mother of two infants asked for her gift certificates to be changed from toys to food. Her teary request was followed with the statement, "Thank you so much. When my husband comes home, we will pay you back." They would. No protests, no calls to politicians, no teary interviews…they just accept their plight with dignity.

Operation Brave Kids is making a difference for hundreds of families, but we need more support. As a community, we should ask ourselves the basic question of why the loud and angry get so much attention and the meek and caring get so little? Perhaps it is our job to find them and offer our help.

Generous corporations, organizations and foundations have adopted an entire platoon (30), company (50) or battalion (80) of Brave Kids. To help us, please consider supporting a Brave Kid with $300, enough to fund one child for a year deployment.

100% of your contribution will go to these children!  All operating expenses are paid by John and Dorothy Ghee...and yes, we are qualified as a 501c3 charity.

The Brave Kids Thank You!



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